Do you want to take your fitness training together with your partner, friend, or coworker?

Company Name has Semi-Private Training sessions which will get you into your desired shape in no time, in the presence of your partner or friend. With a maximum of two clients sharing a personal trainer at one time, there is a discount over private training rates. You're all set to take personal classes for the two of you together.

Our Semi-Private Personal Training Program is an affordable, efficient, and fun-filled program designed for both beginner and intermediate users.

With the many years of personal training experience that has gone into the design of our Semi-Private program, we have come up with the most efficient way of increasing strength and flexibility as well as improving cardiovascular endurance.

Along with Semi-Private Training, we also provide:

* Personal Training

* One to One Training

* Group Training

* Kids’ Fitness

* Women's Personal Training

This program is an individualized and highly effective program for a maximum of two clients at a time, with the latest in exercise methods and equipment.

The training program includes body composition and postural assessment, functional training, core training, resistance training, balance training using free weights, exercise machines or bodyweight, stretching and flexibility, cardiovascular training, nutritional advice and measurements, weight management, feedback, and follow-up services.

The advantages of working with us include:

• Full Body Circuits

• Motivation From Your Peers

• An Economical Fitness Solution

Semi-private is the next best thing to Private/Individual Personal Training.

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