Group Personal Training by Company Name makes fitness coaching affordable. It's the most economical way of getting our personal trainer's expertise, motivation, and creativity, with the fun and competitiveness of a group setting.

Group personal training brings a perfect balance between the affordability and motivation of group exercises and the advantages of having a personal trainer.

With years of experience as personal trainers, we designed our Group program and came up with the best way of increasing strength and flexibility as well as improving cardiovascular endurance.

Along with Group Personal Training, we also provide:

* One to One Personal Training

* Semi Private Training

* Kids’ Fitness

* Women’s Personal Training

Doing workouts with family and/or friends adds the elements of fun and motivation to your training sessions.

The benefits include:

• Motivation from your peers

• Full body circuits

• An Economical Fitness Solution

Our individualized programming includes a progressive program tailored for your specific strength conditioning and mobility needs. Each exercise has several levels of progression that are adjusted for each client.

Our Group Personal Training is a highly motivated approach to group training. Our sessions will make you stronger and better conditioned.

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